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The Hulk is a fictional character created by Stan Lee. The character was first introduced in 1962. The Hulk is the alter-ego of a physicist named Bruce Banner. Socially-withdrawn, Banner transforms into The Hulk every time he gets emotionally distressed. For Banner, the transformation presents a lot of difficulties.

Fun Hulk Games Accessibility

Now that you know the background of this superhero, wouldnt it be exciting to be in his shoes by playing games that are dedicated to him? Say yes and you will be treated with different games for fun or simply for killing time. You can play these games online and while you are traveling. All you need is a good connectivity to the internet and the right game application if you intend to use a mobile phone.

Sample Hulk Games

There is only one main character, but the ways that Hulk games can be played vary. Here are four variations. Pick the most amusing ones.

Revenge of Hulk – You will see a very furious Hulk here. He goes ahead smashing anything that comes in his way. As the player, you will be helping Hulk to break anything you see on the screen. Every time damage is inflicted, you will earn gold coins. Collect those coins for chances of getting upgrades. However, be careful of the character hitting an ambulance, because every time he does, he will become an ordinary human again.

Hulk Madness – This is the game if you want The Hulk to show his real skills and power. Those skills and power will be in your hands as you control this green monster. You will cause massive damages and evade enemies in exchange for money. Money collected can be used for upgrading your game for more advanced challenges and exciting fights.

Hulk Power – Here in this game, you will be given the opportunity to envision yourself as someone as muscular as the Hulk. You are to show off your power in breaking stacks of beams. The more levels of beams you can break, the more points you will get. The trick here is to be good in adjusting the chops to perfection.

Hulk Smash Up – Here is an opportunity for you to beat time. In this game, the challenge is to smash to pieces everything that you will see before a given time runs out. The higher the level is, the harder it will be for you to accomplish the task. The technique here is to be adept at the controls. You will love the feeling each time you beat a level while getting ready to brave the next one.


The reviews are ecstatic with many of them saying the games are action-packed and fast-paced. There are no boring moments as one reviewer attested, “There is no better word to describe the games than entertaining.” One other gamer said that this is the coolest online superhero game ever. Everything in the scenes is completely breakable that it is easy to feel the fate of the world is in your hands.You want to feel you are in control and the world is bending its knees before you? Do it the Hulk way.

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